She only detoured long enough to snag a water bottle and some energy bars, she’d force them down his throat if she had to. He hadn’t eaten in a day and a half after all.

There was the problem of his locked bedroom door. There weren’t many doors in the manor at all but personal bedrooms had the option of them, one Michael and most of the other residents had taken up. 

It didn’t actually do much to stop her, the door was locked yes but the hinges weren’t hard to remove.

She crept to the bedside, to the form huddled under the blanket.


He jumped when she touched his shoulder, burrowing farther into the blanket and hiding.

"Come on talk to me. Hey look I got magicked human again!"


"You can look at me and talk or I can skip right to forcing you to eat."

The Ai turned human deadpanned.

That got his attention and he rolled over to glare at her with tear reddened eyes.

She smiled weakly at him, wiping a tear away with hr magically given hands.

"There we go. Now talk to me."

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