"Dad?!" Peter Vi’s voice cracked with worry.

"Get him back on the workbench so I can see whats wrong." He’s already pulling tools and diagnostic equipment back out, face lined with worry.

They helped him up and stepped out of the elder Walters way to give him room to work, A few tense minutes went by before he pulled back, hand covering his mouth and a quiet curse.

"What is it? What went wrong?" Sam bit his lip as he waited for the answer, Peter Walter the Sixth looked like he was going to be sick.

"A crack." his voice was so quiet when he spoke they could barely hear it.

"A what?"

"It’s fractured, the core. It must have been damaged in the fight. It was too small to find before but now -” He choked on the words.

"Your core - it’s overloading."

He crossed his arms over his opened chest cavity as something passed through him that hurt making him whimper.

“What do we do.”


And he could see it in the man’s eyes, he hadn’t said ‘going to overload’ he’d said ‘it’s overloading’ and as the blue light in his chest brightened and the pain mounted Sam knew the answer to his own question.



"G-g-go plea-ea-eassseee” his voice glitched out the whimpered words.

"no - but -"



There was nothing they could do because they hadn’t seen it in time and it was already too late and Rabbit had grabbed Peter VI by the collar and was shoving him toward the stairs and The Spine was pulling at Peter V’s sleeve urgently for him to do the same and his core was getting brighter and it hurt.


And then he realized there was one person who hadn’t left and he looked up to The Jon.

"Y-y-y-you nnnneeedddto leave-ve-ve The Jon!”

The brasold bot shook his head and Sam suddenly realized his shirt was open, void exposed and Koi swimming about the hotdog furiously, drawing in as much of the extra blue matter energy as it could.

"I’m not gonna leave you alone Sam, you’re gonna be alright."

His bellows hitched as the pain arched again and his optics grew brighter with the mounting energy trying to escape his core. And he was stammering, begging, pleading The Jon to go and get away from him, from his failing core and its impending explosion.

Reality warped around him, as the light of his core intensified so did the distortions.

The walls seemed to writhe and shift with a mind of their own, the workbench he was laying on became pure palladium, a badger popped into existence before becoming a confused looking cat and popping out again.

And all the while Sam’s core just kept getting brighter and The Jon’s core kept swimming faster trying to draw in as much as it could.

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