There were only three of Becile’s bots left that hadn’t been completely decommissioned and they wouldn’t be standing for long. Steve’s flames fused chassis and wires so they couldn’t move, Peter overloaded them with an electric charge, The Spine couldn’t use his Tesla canon in the labs space, too many things it might hit, so instead he defended Sam’s core and body as his brothers took the bots on hand to hand.

The three remaining bots froze stock still, eyes flashing.

Rabbit gasped


The Jon rushed forward, forcing two of them into the portal they’d used to sneak up on Ignatius in the first place. It lead outside the house and hopefully a safe enough distance away.

The final got out of the way, stumbling forward as its core overloaded and blew.

The Spine had just enough time to turn, to try and guard the fragile core only to be thrown forward by the blast and have it slip from his hands.

Steve only just had enough time to get under it. Catching the core against his chest as he dove and letting out a pained but relieved sigh.

"Got it."

"An I think that was tha l-l-last of ‘em." Rabbit muttered, inspecting the remaining wrecked bots.

He had a core shoved into his arms and fumbled it for a second as Steve rushed to the stairs.


"Wait!" The Jon caught him by the arm. "Qwerty and Michael have him, She sent a message. They’re safe, got through a portal and ended up with Pappy Rabbit."

Steve slumped, leaning against the wall for support. 

"Oh thank goodness he’s okay."

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